US Open

Interactive installations for Chase and Chubb

We created two activations for this years US Open tournament, Our first activation, a dynamic and interactive Tennis ‘Art Game’ developed for Chubb, harnessed the power of AI body segmentation and depth camera technology. This innovative game allowed participants to create unique pieces of art with each swing, turning every tennis movement into a distinctive artistic expression. The seamless combination of AI and sports evoked a whole new level of engagement.

Our second activation was in collaboration with Chase. By utilizing AI-driven background removal technology, we transported participants to various iconic locations around New York City. Users could virtually travel and immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and iconic sights of NYC, all while holding an augmented reality US open trophy. This activation effortlessly blurred the lines between the digital and physical realms, delivering a unique and unforgettable experience to every participant at the US Open.

  • technique

    AI Body segmentation
    Touch Designer
    After Effects
    Cinema 4D

  • client

    Chase Bank and Chubb Insurance

  • additional credits

    Creative Director - Adam Amaral
    Producer - John LaViola
    Production Design - Jonathan Moore
    Touchdesigner devs - Rob Meza, Mark Hashimoto, MB Labs
    Animators- Anthony Maiuri, Cindy Lin
    Designer- Filip Osowoski

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