Amplify.LA Bike Game

Interactive Bike Installation

We were asked by ( a startup accelerator in Venice CA) to create an interactive installation for their upcoming launch party. I have always loved the concept of physical, analog objects interacting with digital, so for the concept was to have an exercise bike that drove you through a digital world.

MasterOfShapes_Bikeinstallation_NetworkStills MasterOfShapes_Bikeinstallation_NetworkStills02

Using an Arduino microcontroller to detect each pedal of the bike, we then sent that info to touchdesigner which handled the creation of the game and the visuals. The Microsoft Kinect tracks the users leaning from side to side, giving us a way to navigate even when using a stationary exercise bike.

  • technique

    Arduino, Touch Designer, Kinect,
    Projection Mapping, Cinema 4d, After Effects

  • client

    Amplify LA

  • additional credits

    Created By: Adam Amaral, Matthew Wachter, Ming Hsiung, Chris Del Guercio
    Rigging and Setup: Bill Swano, Mikey Lattner, Rob Meza
    Filmed By: Jeff Moustache
    Special Thanks VT Production for the last minute projectors.

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