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Cover Me!!

Virtual Reality is amazing but one of the big complaints is that its such an individual experience its hard for other people in the room to interact and be social with someone that is in VR. That is where our new tech coined “Mobile Room Scale” comes into play. Essentially bringing multiplayer cross platform experiences to VR.

Master of Shapes was asked by HTC to develop something unique with their new HTC Vive Trackers. We had already been working on a proof of concept using the existing Vive controllers so it was a perfect fit to combine it with their new trackers. Bringing the world of Room Scale VR to mobile devices opens the immersion and excitement to everyone in the room. Waiting for your friends to finish up with the Vive so that you can play is a thing of the past. With Mobile Room Scale, users simply attach an HTC Tracker to their phone and they are able to interact with and capture their friends in VR as if the phone were an HMD or Mixed Reality camera rig.

To show the overall functionality that will be released later this year, we have created a first person shooter based demo called “Cover Me” which allows users to play along side a VR player or switch to camera mode and capture the action all on their phone. When in FPS mode, users have a mobile device mounted to a gun equipped with an HTC Tracker. As the user moves around the room they use their gun to protect themselves and their teammates from the onslaught of enemies.

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    Mobile Room Scale
    Htc Vive Tracker
    Unreal Engine

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    Adam Amaral
    Glenn Snyder
    Rob Meza
    John LaViola

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