Botanical Dimensions

Fully immersive jungle

We love taking people out of their normal reality and immersing them with interactive installations. So when Intel reached out to us to make a new experience that leverages the power of the multi core i9 chipset and dolby atmos spatial audio we were excited to see how far we could push it. We decided to make botanical dimensions. An immersive experience that takes place in a real jungle (in downtown LA)

We combined spatial audio, giant hexagon LEDs, rear projected screen, haptic fans and a custom controller that allowed you to fly through a generative botanical world. Here is a quick video recap and some pictures of the setup that went into making this one happen.

We rented out a warehouse space in south LA to serve as the canvas for our jungle.

Then brought in a bunch of plants

And even added a lake

Via RSVP people could come experience this rare solo experience. Where they walked into a warehouse in LA and entered a full on jungle complete with real dirt, plants and immersive audio.

We designed a generative world using unreal engine, that visitors were able to fly through using the custom controller all while feeling insane spatial audio whip past them in the jungle.

Poster design for the event:

  • technique

    Unreal Engine
    Touch designer
    Projection mapping
    Spatial Audio

  • client


  • additional credits

    Adam Amaral - Creative Technologist
    Rob Meza - Game Devolpment
    Jordan Halsey - Game Devolpment
    Jonathan Moore - Game Devolpment
    John Laviola - Producer
    CanopyLA - Sound design

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