Snapchat Lens Studio

Master of Shapes in AR

Posted on December 15, 2017 by Adam Amaral

We were asked by Snap Chat to be an early developer for there new Snap Chat Lens Studio. So we decided to make this chill Zen Shapehead.

Essentially the new tool Snap Lens Studio is like a simplified Unity and it makes it quite easy and user friendly to make an AR “lens”

The character was modeled, textured and animated in our 3d program of choice then exported as FBX where you then relink the textures and animations and add some simple logic even sounds in Snap Lens Studio. Its easy to push to your phone for testing because they have a built in wifi pairing. The last step in the process was making the snap icon which was just as fun as making the AR filter itself.

And here it is out in the wild:

Go ahead and check it out for yourselves with this link or snap code above
Try out Zen Shapehead AR Lens